I was born in Akron, Ohio. My father was led to the Lord by a local pastor and we attended the First Baptist Church of Green regularly. I accepted Christ as my Savior during a Vacation Bible School week and was baptized when I was fourteen years old.


I believe that God has chosen to carry out His present-day ministry in and through the local church (Eph. 3:1-12). I am passionate for the local church and believe that the local church should be the catalyst for discipleship and ministry. This can best be accomplished if the church has an ordered learning process that facilitates spiritual growth and maturity. I have years of experience in Biblical counseling and teaching. I have witnessed the practical benefit of Christlikeness in the lives of believers.


I want to be a catalyst, helping churches develop a hub of ministry in their region. As a churches grow and develop, they promote the development and cooperation in church planting and revitalization projects. When churches are mature and producing leaders, they are better enabled to partner with other churches to further the ministry in the local city, neighboring areas and internationally.


After serving in international ministry (ABWE to Portugal) for nineteen years, we served at Hope Baptist Church and Mogadore Baptist church in Akron OH for ten years. We are again focussing our ministry in the country of Portugal. We are still burdened to help local churches grow and develop quality leaders. Mature local churches can have a great impact internationally. We are involved strengtheningĀ  leaders and church in the Lisbon area of Portugal. Our goal is to help local churches through Biblical counseling training and leadership development. We will be working with national church and their leaders to further the truth of the gospel.


Amy and I have been married for over 30 years. The Lord has given us four children and three grandchildren.

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