The Early Meetings in Jerusalem Acts 2:42-47

#4 I always looked forward to going to summer camp. My enthusiasm would build weekly until the day of our arrival. We arrived on Monday with great anticipation for the week. We could hardly imagine a whole week of swimming, playing baseball and Capture the Flag. Immediately we began wondering what would be the sameContinue reading “The Early Meetings in Jerusalem Acts 2:42-47”

The Great Prophecy – Acts 1:8

#3 After Jesus rose from the dead he instructed the apostles to wait in Jerusalem. They stayed together and saw him a number of times. He taught them and encouraged them. This must have been a very precious time for these early followers. They had experienced much together. In their final meeting, the apostles receivedContinue reading “The Great Prophecy – Acts 1:8”

Pastor Tiago Bugalho

My name is Tiago Bugalho, I’m Portuguese and am currently serving as pastor in a Baptist church in northern Lisbon, Portugal. In 2006, I began my formal theological studies at the Word of Life Biblical Institute in Argentina; where I completed my degree in four years. Upon returning to Portugal, I was encouraged and challengedContinue reading “Pastor Tiago Bugalho”