Acts Class


During one recent vacation, Amy and I were meandering through the national forest of the Cumberland mountains in central Tennessee when we came upon a sign that read “Overlook This Way”. We were not sure what we would find but we were up for the adventure. We parked and made our way down the little path and into the woods. Shortly into our journey we came to another sign that listed several waterfalls and caves to visit and explore. This opened for us many places to experience and visit. We had no idea that when we pulled into that small parking lot a world of experiences and adventures would open for us.
In Acts 2 we meet people who are confused and excited at the same time. There must have been a lot of uncertainty in the heads of those early believers in Jerusalem. John the Baptist had come and left quite an impact. Jesus also appeared and disappeared. The Holy Spirit was showing himself in very amazing ways. What did this mean for these early followers of Jesus? How should they carry on the
momentum of Pentecost? Should they meet regularly and where? Prophecies were being fulfilled right before their eyes. The questions would be many, the immediate answers would be few. Jesus´ prophecy and vision of their ministries would be much greater than they could envision. Would they really be the
ones to carry the message to the ends of the earth? The adventure was just beginning. This is a series of blogs from the book of Acts. This series will examine the different geographical locations of local churches listed in Acts with an eye toward the understanding of what is descriptive and what is prescriptive. If a passage is descriptive, the point is to describe the activities that took place.
If the passage is prescriptive, it is describing the events with a point of view that future followers and churches should do the same. How are we to know that is descriptive and what is prescriptive? How are we to know what we should just admire from the early church and what should we be copying?
What did they do?
What should we do?
What is just a description of the early church?
What is commanded for us to believe and practice (prescriptive)?
What do we take from the book of Acts to apply today?
Do the other books of the New Testament help us with these issues?

Join with me on this journey and we will see where the landmarks point us.

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