Encouragement from Corinth

            The World Cup has recently passed. As one watches these elite teams play, it is obvious that it takes a whole team working together to win. Any team will have a “star”. Some have several key players, but really good teams know how to work together as a unit.             God uses teams ofContinue reading “Encouragement from Corinth”

The Battles of Life

In the middle 1100’s, the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques traveled through central Portugal and conquered many important cities. He was establishing his reign on the Iberian Peninsula and was quite successful. Around the year 1169 he attacked a key city on the Portuguese-Spanish border. After a brutal battle his troops needed to withdraw.Continue reading “The Battles of Life”

Introduction to 1 Corinthians

An Enduring Relationship                One of the most unique relationships in all of American history is that of George Whitefield and Benjamin Franklin. George Whitefield was a traveling evangelist in the late 1700’s. Ben Franklin initially was attracted to Whitefield because of his reputation of preaching to large crowds. Franklin did not believe the numbers.Continue reading “Introduction to 1 Corinthians”

Key Resources for Spiritual Growth

Summary: When we access the resources given to us by God, we will be able to develop Christlikeness faster and with greater depth.       I enjoy coaching baseball to young children. Typically, I coach teams of children ages six to eight. There are moments of fun, silliness and sometimes frustration. At this stage of life,Continue reading “Key Resources for Spiritual Growth”

The Early Meetings in Jerusalem Acts 2:42-47

#4 I always looked forward to going to summer camp. My enthusiasm would build weekly until the day of our arrival. We arrived on Monday with great anticipation for the week. We could hardly imagine a whole week of swimming, playing baseball and Capture the Flag. Immediately we began wondering what would be the sameContinue reading “The Early Meetings in Jerusalem Acts 2:42-47”